Dilip Shanghvi Biography, Net Worth, Family, Company, Wife (2022)

Dilip Shanghvi Biography, Net Worth, Family, Company, Wife:- Dilip Sanghvi is a famous Indian industrialist, he founded Sun Pharmaceuticals Company, and he himself is the MD i.e. Managing Director of this company.

Although there are many pharma companies in India, Sun Pharma has made a different identity not only in India but in the whole world. Even today, Sun Pharma is making continuous progress, there are very few pharma companies in India who are making continuous progress.

Dilip Shanghvi is considered to be the leading Drug Maker in India today. In 2020, the total wealth of this veteran industrialist has been estimated at $ 6.9 billion. He has also been awarded India’s second most prestigious award “Padma Shri”.

Dilip Shanghvi Biography, Net Worth, Family, Company, Wife (2022)

Full Name Dilip Shanghvi
Born 1 October 1955
HomeTown Amreli, Gujarat, India
Collages Bhawanipur Education Society College, University of Calcutta
Profession Founder and MD of Sun Pharmaceuticals
Spouse Vibha Shanghvi
Children’s 2

Dilip Shanghvi Personal Life Info.

Dilip Sanghvi was brought into the world on 1 October 1955 in a Gujarati Jain Bania family. He was brought into the world in Amreli, Gujarat (India). Dilip Sanghvi did his initial schooling at J.J. Ajmera School and moved on from Bhawanipur Education Society College. Dilip Sanghvi spent his life as a youngster in the Burrabazar area of Kolkata.

Present time Dilip Sanghvi lives in Mumbai Maharashtra (India). Dilip Sanghvi’s plain Vibha Sanghvi, several has two youngsters. In which there is a child named Alok Sanghvi, and a little girl named Vidhi Sanghvi.

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Dilip Shanghvi Career & Business

Every person who is successful in today’s world has a special thing, that they do not have any dilemma about their goal. Dilip Shanghvi is also one such person, who fulfilled his dreams without any dilemma. He had neither a science degree nor did he have any big capital.

But he had made this goal that one day he would make his mark in the business of medicine in India. His father was a drug dealer, Dilip Sanghvi used to contribute to his father’s work along with his studies. Then he used to think that one day he would be number one in the country in the business of this medicine.

For this, in 1983, he took 10 thousand from his father and came to the city of Maya, Mumbai. And after coming to Mumbai, Dilip Sanghvi marketed psychiatric medicine for some time, and understood the business of medicines closely, after that he moved to Vapi city of Gujarat, and there he started a small factory to make medicine.

He named this company Sun Pharmaceutical, which has become the largest pharma company in India today, let’s see how Dilip Sanghvi took Sun Pharmaceutical to the heights.

When Dilip Sanghvi started this small factory, he and only 2 people worked with him. And the same two employees used to do marketing work for them, they used to provide the company’s medicines to the nearby merchants. Initially, only 5 types of medicines were produced by Sun Pharmaceutical Company. Dilip Shanghvi Biography

Then when his company started getting more customers, then gradually he started increasing the product. In a short span of four years, this small company grew from a small area and made a name for itself in the entire country. Now you must also see that Sun Pharma’s products are available in every corner of the country.

Despite the presence of large pharmaceutical companies like Ranbaxy, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory and Cipla already present in the Indian market, he made his mark and left them all behind. Today the name of Dilip Sanghvi of Sun Pharma Company rings.

He took a different path from the rest of the people to pursue his business, he focused his attention in the production of medicines for “long and incurable diseases” instead of ordinary medicines. Leaving the concern of what strategy other companies are working with, he is only trying to achieve his goal.

Sun Pharma Company, which was started in 1983 with Rs 10,000, remains the leader of the pharma sector in the world today. The credit for this success goes to Dilip Sanghvi and his hard work.

At present, the market cap of Sun Pharma has reached 2.20 lakh crores. Sun Pharma’s closest rival, Dr. Reddy’s, has a market cap of nearly three times that of Sun Pharma.

Other company bought by Dilip Sanghvi.

In 1987, Dilip Shanghvi bought the loss-making company “Carco Pharma” of America for $ 50 million, this was his first major investment. After that Dilip Shanghvi bought the other two companies in America, whose names are “Able Pharma” and “Valient Pharma”.

Then Dilip Sanghvi bought the “Tarot Farm” company of Israel for $ 450 million. Today Taro Pharma has proved to be the most profitable investment for Dilip Shanghvi, as to date 50% of Sun Pharma’s revenue comes from this company.

Dilip Sanghvi buys any loss-making pharma company and transforms it with his hard work and brings it to bubbles. That is why he is given the title of Pharma King.

Dilip Shanghvi Awards & Achievements.

  • In 2011, Dilip Sanghvi received the CNN-IBN Indian of the Year in Business Award.
  • For some time in 2015, Dilip Sanghvi had the honor of becoming India’s richest person, leaving behind India’s richest person Mukesh Ambani.
  • Before 2015, for 8 consecutive years, he became the richest person in India, overtaking Mukesh Ambani, who was number one on the list of Forbes Business Magazine.
  • In 2016, Dilip Sanghvi was given the “Padma Shri” award by the Government of India.


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