Karsanbhai Patel Biography:- Success Story, Personal Info, Daughter, Family & Man Behind Nirma

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Karsanbhai Khodidas Patel is an Indian extremely rich person finance manager, industrialist and organizer behind the Nirma bunch an organization with significant financial matters in concretes, cleansers, cleansers and beauty care products. Starting around 2021 Forbes has recorded his total assets at US$4.9 billion. He has interests in instruction, and established driving drug store school (Nirma Institute of Pharmacy)and a main designing school/college .


Karsanbhai Patel Biography:- Daughter, Family, Son, Wife and Net Worth.

Name Karsanbhai Khodidas Patel
Born 1945 (age 76–77)
Birth Place Mehsana, Gujarat
Nationality Indian
Occupation Businessman
Company Type Private
Industry Fast-moving consumer goods
Founded 1969
Headquarters Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Main people Karsanbhai Patel
Products Nuvoco cements, Zero M Wall Putty, Nirma detergent, Nirma soaps
Net Worth In Rupees $3.7 Billion / 27,871 Crores
Website www.nirma.co.in


Karsanbhai Khodidas Patel Personal Life Info.

  • Naturally introduced to a rancher family from north Gujarat, Karsanbhai completed his BSc in Chemistry at age 21 and functioned as a lab expert, first in the New Cotton Mills, Ahmedabad, of the Lalbhai gathering and afterward at the Geology and Mining Department of the state Government. In 1969, Karsanbhai began selling cleanser powder, fabricated and bundled in his terrace.
  • This was an after-office business – a one man organization. Karsanbhai would go through the areas offering handcrafted cleanser bundles house to house. At a cost of Rs. 3 for each kg, (33% the cost of driving cleansers), it was a moment achievement. Karsanbhai marked his cleanser, Nirma, after the name of his little girl.
  • Following three years, Karsanbhai felt certain enough to leave his place of employment. Later he said, “The absence of any such point of reference in my family made the endeavor full of disappointment. Be that as it may, ranchers from North Gujarat are known for their soul of big business.” Karsanbhai set up for business at little studio in an Ahmedabad suburb. The Nirma brand immediately set up a good foundation for itself in Gujarat and Maharashtra.
  • The excellent and low cost of the cleanser made for incredible worth. Fuelled by housewife-accommodating ad jingles, Nirma upset the cleanser market, making a completely new portion on the lookout for cleanser powder.
  • At that point, cleanser and cleanser make was overwhelmed by worldwide organizations with items like Surf by Hindustan Lever, valued around Rs. 13 for every kg. In something like 10 years, Nirma was the biggest selling cleanser in India.
  • Since creation was work concentrated, Nirma additionally turned into a main boss (utilizing 14,000 individuals 2004). Made without certain phosphates, Nirma was likewise to some degree greater climate well disposed.
  • Subsequent to laying out its authority in economy-valued cleansers, Nirma entered the top notch portion, sending off latrine cleansers Nirma shower and Nirma excellence cleanser, and premium cleanser Super Nirma cleanser.
  • Wanders into cleanser and toothpaste were not as fruitful, but rather the palatable salt Shudh is getting along nicely. Nirma magnificence cleanser is one of the main cleansers, behind Lifebuoy and Lux. In general Nirma has a 20% portion of the overall industry in cleanser cakes and around 35% in cleansers. Nirma additionally has fruitful tasks in adjoining nations.
  • In 1995, Karsanbhai began the Nirma Institute of Technology in Ahmedabad, which developed into a main designing school in Gujarat. An Institute of Management followed, with the whole design being solidified under the Nirma University of Science and Technology in 2003, administered by the Nirma Education and Research Foundation. The Nirmalabs schooling project, pointed toward preparing and hatching business people, was sent off in 2004.
  • Karsanbhai’s two children, girl and child in-regulation are currently at driving situations in the Nirma organization: Rakesh K Patel (MBA) cares for acquirement and coordinated operations, Hiren K Patel, substance designer and MBA, heads promoting and finance, while Kalpesh Patel is in HR and Healthcare Industry (Nirlife medical services).

Karsanbhai Patel Success Story | Man Behind Nirma.

Washing powder nirma…washing powder nirma…doodh si safedi nirma se aaye rangeen kapde bhi khil khil jaaye sabki pasand nirma…Washing powder nirma…Nirma!

It was in the year 1969, that the child of a little rancher and a certified Science graduate, Karsanbhai Patel, was attempting to blend soft drink debris and a couple of fixings to make a cleanser produce. One fine day, he got the recipe right and it was then that he began creating cleansers in the 100 sq ft terrace of his home as an after office business.

He would go through the areas, offering the natively constructed cleanser parcels from one way to another. Patel evaluated his cleanser at Rs. 3, which was close to 33% the cost of a deep rooted brand ‘Surf’ by Hindustan Unilever. The great quality and low cost made the item a hit and it was acknowledged by individuals who tracked down extraordinary worth in purchasing the item. Seeing the high capability of the business, after three years, Karsanbhai left his administration task to seek after it as a full-time adventure.

The item was near Karsanbhai’s heart and he chose to name it ‘Nirma’ – the moniker of his girl Nirupama. He likewise put her representation (young lady in the white gown) on the pack and TV advertisements just to ensure that everyone recollects her. Such was the adoration for a dad for his little girl.

However Karsanbhai Patel was a not a MBA graduate himself, the strategies he followed to develop his business, had left advertisers befuddled and flabbergasted. ‘Nirma’ ended up being a unique advantage as well as a trailblazer for some independent companies. The following are not many of the administration illustrations educated by ‘Washing Powder Nirma’.

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Karsanbhai Patel:- Nirma University.

In 1995, Karsanbhai Patel gave an alternate character to Nirma when he established the Nirma Institute of Technology in Ahmedabad. From there on, in April 2003, Nirma University was laid out by the initial three organizations, under an extraordinary demonstration passed by the Gujarat State Legislative Assembly.

As indicated by Forbes, in the year 2004 Nirma’s yearly deals were essentially as high as 8,00,000 tons. Karsanbhai Patel, who began his surf organization from his house, is today 775th on the rundown of Billionaires of the world and 39th in the rundown of most extravagant individuals in India. Presently, his total assets is $4.1 billion, as indicated by Forbes.

Presently, Karsanbhai Patel has given over his fruitful business in the possession of his two children Rakesh Patel and Hirenbhai Patel. In 2010, he was granted Padma Shri by Pratibha Patil, previous President of India. Indeed, even today, Nirma stays the biggest maker of pop debris on the planet and the organization has gone private beginning around 2012. (Karsanbhai Patel Biography)


Karsanbhai Khodidas Patel Awards and Honour.

2019 Karsanbhai was positioned No. 30 by Forbes magazine, for the rundown of India’s Richest persons.
2001 Karsanbhai was granted a privileged doctorate by Florida Atlantic University, perceiving his remarkable pioneering and altruistic achievements.
1990 the Federation of Association of Small Scale Industries of India (FASII), New Delhi, granted him the ‘Udyog Ratna’ grant. The Gujarat Chamber of Commerce congratulated him as an ‘Remarkable Industrialist of the Eighties’. He has served two times as Chairman of the Development Council for Oils, Soaps and Detergents.
2010 Patel has been deliberated with Padma Shri Award. The honor was officially presented by the President of India Mrs Pratibha Patil.
2013 It was likewise reported on 7 June 2013 that he purchased 400 million six-seater chopper. After Adani Group director Gautam Adani and Zydus bunch advertiser Pankaj Patel, Karsanbhai is the third Ahmedabad-based industrialist to purchase a chopper.
2017 Karsanbhai was positioned No. 38 by Forbes magazine, for the rundown of India’s Richest people ($3.6 billion).
2019 Karsanbhai was positioned No. 30 by Forbes magazine for the rundown of India’s most extravagant people ($3.9 billion).

F&Q Related To Karsanbhai Khodidas Patel.

1.) Who is the CEO of Nirma?

Dr Karsanbhai K Patel, Chairman, Nirma Limited and pioneer President of Nirma Education and Research Foundation (NERF) and Nirma University, is internationally perceived, both as an industrialist and as a visionary in the field of training.

2.) Karsanbhai Patel Net Worth in Rupees.

CR Karsanbhai Patel has a total assets of $3.7 Billion (Rupees – 27,871 Crores), making him one of India’s main 100 most extravagant men.

3.) Karsanbhai Patel Daughter Name?

Nirupama Patel


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