Vladimir Putin has warned that "a brand new degree in world history" is coming in a speech in which he condemned "the version of total domination" through the West. 

Credit: Getty Images

During the address on Wednesday in Moscow, the Russian leader took a swipe at the populations of Western countries,

which he defined because the "golden billion", and requested why their leaders should "impose their own regulations

of behavior based on the illusion of exclusivity" which he believed changed into "inherently racist and neo-colonial."

"One gets the impact that the West, in reality, can not offer the arena its very own model of the destiny," Putin stated,

as he defined how the dominance of the West owed itself to "the robbery of different peoples each in Asia and in Africa.

He singled out India in particular as being "robbed" in his grievance of colonial powers. With Russia dealing with sanctions from the West because of his invasion,

exchange ties between New Delhi and Moscow have strengthened since the reason that begins of the Ukraine conflict,

and Russia has pivoted towards international locations like China and Iran.